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There are approximately 150 Universities in United Kingdom. Each University has minimum 100 courses. A student has to select 1 out of more than 15000 courses inorder to complete its Under Graduation. This is one of the most important and most difficult task for a student. We, at Back2study, have our expertise precisely in this skill of choosing the right course for the right student based on their skills.
Our counsellors suggest courses based on your preferences, aspirations, background, job market etc. Sometimes customers are quite inclined towards the courses they are passionate about without realising that the course or the career might not be as rewarding based on their profile or previous work experience. On the other hand you might want to get an insight from an experienced professional who has knowledge and know how about the job market. On request our counsellors may also be able to arrange a session with someone from the industry to seek their views before choosing the course.
Undergraduate applications usually happen via UCAS and schools usually assist the students to make these applications. Students returning to education after a long gap are hence, clueless with respect to the application process and the coursework as they do not have anyone to assist them. Our counsellors and the case workers are well versed in these applications. They also help the students in finding a course in which the coursework is manageable and not too difficult to complete, especially for students with considerable gaps in education.
Thus, we ensure that the student appears and applies for the right kind of course, with which he can gain maximum output out of it and build a career out of it.
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