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The UK Government supports the local residents by funding their education by providing them Tuition Fees and Maintenance Support to cover their living expenses while they study. The rules vary between England And Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
If you are a resident in England and Wales and are eligible for claiming student finance you may be able to get up to £9250 a year for tuition fees on an undergraduate course and up to £ 11,500 for Fees and Living Expenses on a Post graduate course. On an undergraduate course you can claim up to £ 12,000 additionally for your living expenses. The funding from the government is subject to your eligibility and may change from time to time based on the changes made by the government.
For more information on Student Finance England you may visit the following government website to check eligibility and other related information:
If the information seems overwhelming please connect with one of our caseworkers who will simplify the same for you and answer any of your queries in the best possible way.
Once you receive acceptance from your desired university your caseworker will help you in applying for your student finance application in a way that your finance is not delayed and you are able to claim the right amount that suits your circumstances. Most of the students who seek assistance from us to apply for finance are able to get their finance approvals within 3 – 4 weeks of applying. Our experts will work through with you until your finance is approved and help with any queries raised to ensure the process is not delayed.
If there are any queries related to your finance applications please get directly in touch with one of our finance experts by dialling 0203 880 7007 and ask for our Student Finance Applications team.
How and when to apply for Student Finance ? (Explained by Student Finance)

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