Interview Preparations

As a part of our services we also prepare you for university interviews and assessments. Most institutes in the UK have open days or assessment days where you are invited for an academic interview or a credibility interview where the university’s admission team wants to understand your motives behind picking the particular course and whether you will be capable of completing the same.
Your dedicated caseworker will spend time with you to ensure you are well versed with these test /interview formats and practice before you appear for the same. You will be given the structure and format of what to expect on assessment days to ensure you are not caught with a surprise while appearing for the same.
Sample Interview Questions to prepare before appearing for the academic interviews:
  • Which course do you wish to pursue and why?
  • Why did you choose this university?
  • What modules will you study in the course and which are your favourite ones?
  • How does your previous work experience/ education relate to your current course?
  • How will the course help you in the future?
More questions will be practised with you when you appear for your mock interviews with your caseworker.

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