Our Journey

How did it all start?

Our story started when back in 2014 our founder accidently bumped into a Refugee family from Eritrea who had migrated to the UK some years back but were finding it challenging to make their ends meet with labour jobs and give their children an upbringing that matched the society’s.
The couple worked as professionals back in their country but due to the civil war they had to flee and were thankful for the UK Government to have accepted them and provided the aid to restart their lives. But unfortunately as they did not have valid qualifications they could not find professional jobs despite having years of quality experience.
Being well versed with the UK Higher Education sector Parin was able to help the family to secure admissions in a reputed institute for a health care course which not only gave them a new direction but also helped them support with their living expenses while studying.
The couple then went on to graduate in a few years time and support UKs always demanding health care sector. They were very thankful for the advice and help as this opened the doors for them to work with pride and pass on the good education to their children.
Later, Parin was invited for a gathering with the Somali community and soon started working with European communities who were new to the country and wished to upscale their skills to match the UK job market.
We discovered there was a gap in the society where the government wanted the workforce to be more skilled and always attempted for the portion of the citizens that were seaking state benefits to come off them and start working for which there was enough government funding and aid made available to improve their skills but were unaware.
We started helping refugees, migrants and school dropouts to motivate them to get back into education and start with their professional careers.
Slowly as we started helping the needy the word spread and we started getting busier with our customers referring us more customers. With years passing we conduct 5000+ counselling sessions every year and help thousands of our customers to get placed in reputed British institutes to get quality education and join the thriving professional workforce for the country.
In our journey from 2009 till now we have partnered with 100+ British universities directly or indirectly through which we give a variety of course choices to our students making us one of the leading educational consultants based in the UK to not just support the international students but also thousands of local aspirants.

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