Post Enrolment Support

We help all our registered students to choose the right course from more than 1000 courses available, in the right Univeristy from more than 150 Universities available and also assist them with their application process, interview preparation and interview bookings till he gets a place at a University. But our services do not end here.
Once the enrolment is done, we have a team of Student Finance experts who assess each case keenly to ensure that the student finance for each of our enrolled students is approved. Over the years, we have assisted more than 10000 students in availing student finance and we are happy to boast a 100% Student Finance approval ratio.
Apart from the student finance support, we also have a separate Student Welfare team which remains connected with the student throughout the course. Any system related or admin related difficulty faced by our students can be discussed with the Welfare Officer. We help you immediately in such a scenario. Any University related issues faced by the students are also heard and we work towards resolving the issue via our connections with the University.
We also organize yearly get togethers for all our students who are studying in any University via us. These events are goldmine for networking and understanding the market, where people from different Universities but similar courses meet and interact with each other.
We also have monthly contests and give aways planned for our existing students, to keep them excited and motivated throughout their tenure of the course.
Finally, we have an exciting referral scheme, where our existing students can earn while learning, by just referring few of their contacts who are interested to get back to studies. We will speak to these referrals and if they are enrolled, you get a chance to earn money from us.

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