Personal Statements

A Personal Statement is a Statement where you write about yourself to the institution you are applying at, briefing them about yourself, your previous academic and work experience related experiences, your reasons for choosing the institute, reason for choosing the course and how you would be best suited for the university.
As a part of our services Back2study helps the customers to understand and build their profile and portfolios. Our counsellors spend some time with the students to explain what is needed on the personal statement and what points students need to cover. Each student is advised to build a strong personal statement and can submit to the university by themselves if asked or through us as per the institution’s requirements.
Personal statements may also be referred as Statement of Purpose and usually must be 400 to 1000 words based on each institution’s requirement.
Please find samples of a few sample personal statements below. However, students should not copy the statement from the samples or anywhere from the web. If the personal statement is plagiarised the institute may reject the students application altogether.

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