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The UK attracts a lot of international students, immigrants and refugees. It offers world class education through its highly competitive and well renowned higher education institutes. To get admissions in these institutions students must be able to prove they have good understanding in all aspects of the English language. Hence, one of the main requirements universities have apart from academics is to have a good score in recognised English Language tests or be able to pass the university’s internal language and skills assessment. Students having Level 3 qualifications from UK or GCSEs in English or Functional Skills in English are exempted to appear for the English test to secure admissions in the universities.
Usually, students who have migrated from European countries or any other countries in the world, do find it difficult to get admissions in the course of their choice as they have to appear for the English Test. Universities do give an option to these students to appear for English tests like IELTS, PTE, Duolingo and TOEFL. The requirement of score varies from course to course, depending on which level the student is entering in.
To help our students get polished linguistic skills we at Back2study offer free English classes for most qualifying students we have introduced English classes for such students, wherein they can learn the language of English by attending online classes at the time of their choice from their home. Students who are eligible for student finance can fund their course completely and need not pay anything to study English.
Depending upon the skillset of the aspiring student, the student might be asked to appear for
  1. Level 2 Functional Skills in English
  2. Level 1 Functional Skills in English
  3. Entry Level Skills in English
These classes also help the student to improve his speaking skills, which helps the student at work or while interacting with people. It helps the aspiring student to enhance his overall personality.
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