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Online study lets you decide where, when and how you transform your career.
The concept of education has changed drastically with the passing time. Being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore — not with the rise of new technologies and change of peoples thinking post COVID pandemic. Nowadays, you have access to a quality education whenever and wherever you want, as long as you can get online.
Choosing to study Online degree from a reputed university helps you study recognised courses at your pace, without worrying about location and wasting time to commute allowing you to get on your far fetched dream of studying desired course spending less than half of the actual course fees. Additionally there are a variety of customised courses readily available to study on numerous online platforms.
We partner with many such online learning providers which provide a variety of online or blended learning courses where students can take advantage from government funding through student finance to pay for their course fees.
Lets analyse the advantages and disadvantages of pure online courses:



We at Back2study advise more towards physical learning as it has wider advantages but do cater to customers who are keen for online learning too. Many of our on-campus courses require students to attend universities one to two days a week where there are flexible timetables so they can attend classes and carry on with their routine at the same time. To get more information on the difference between offline and online education or choosing the right course please connect with one of our counsellors for a free online counselling session.

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