Work Placements

Work Placements based courses tend to become excellent opportunities for young learners who do not have any working experience. Many students take advantage of such integrated study work courses to get initial professional exposure while they are still studying. This experience may also help them choose new areas of specialisation in their studies and also makes their later entry into the world of work easier. Through work placements students are able to familiarise themselves with everyday working practices and help them build professional skills for their actual work post studies. It also gives you an opportunity to build contacts and network with potential employers.
Compulsion: Some degree programmes have mandatory work placements or have integrated internships where you get credits for completing the placement as a part of the course. Most of the courses will require you to update your tutors periodically through a report of your learnings to ensure you are able to score necessary marks for the placement.
Duration: Some courses would need a few weeks of work experience/placement while some would need months of working. We work with certain institutes which offer work placements for a year for one year masters or a 3 year bachelors where you have a gap year to complete the related placement before returning for the final year.
The placements or internships may be paid or unpaid depending on the terms agreed by the company you work with.
Popular Work Placement courses:

Popular Work Placement courses:

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